• Checking & Fighting will not be tolerated. It will result in suspension
  • Running Clock (No Stops during the periods)
  • The only faceoffs will be at the start of each period
  • If a goal is scored, the scoring team will wait at center ice until the goalie completes a pass before playing defense
  • If a save is made, the defensive team must retreat toward center ice until the goalie completes a pass before playing defense
  • Icing and offside will not be called
  • NO Cherry picking (This would occur if a team is in their defensive zone and a player is awaiting a pass beyond 10 feet from the center line into their offensive zone)
  • The following penalties will result in a penalty shot: Tripping, Hooking, Slashing, Checking, High Stick, Delay of Game, Too Many Players & Cherry Picking
  • Players will stand past the center ice line during penalty shots.If player misses, play will continue immediately.
  • If opposing team does not have a goalie, the player awarded the penalty shot will shoot the puck from center ice


Whenever the leading team is 5 or more goals ahead, the leading team will play short-handed and the trailing team will be allowed another skater for 5 on 3 hockey!

  • Due to time restrictions, there will not be any Tie Breakers
  • Players must check in and provide identification prior to game time.
  • Players must be on the roster to play
  • Players can only skate for one team
  • Only players from the approved Substitute list can be used as Subs
  • No more subs will be added to the list after the 4th game
  • Subs are only to be called upon if you have 3 or less available from your roster
  • Teams may pull from the available Goalie list if they cannot provide a goalie
  • There are no private locker rooms, so come dressed and prepared