Pricing & Hours


Skate Admission: $5.00
Group Rate (10+ people; admission + skate rental. 24 hour notice required. Skate sizes not guaranteed): $7.00
Skate Admission is good for all day, as along as you keep your wristband on.  Ripped or torn wristbands will not be accepted. 

Rental Items 

Skate Rental: $4.00
ADA Skate Sled:  $4.00 
Helmet: $3.00
Lockers: $2.00
Skate Aids: $4.00 per hour*

Skate rental is on a first come first serve bases.  Once you return your skates, you will have to re-rent your skates.

Skate aid rental are based on a per hour basis. After the hour is up, the skate aid must be returned for the next customer to use. If no other customers are on the wait list, the skate aid maybe rented again for additional hour at the $4.00 fee. Skate aids will not be rented and must be off the ice at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday's and during holiday hours (see bottom of page).

Admission Passes

5 Admission Booklet* (does include skate rental) : $40.00
10 Admission Pass* (does not include skate rental) : $45.00 
Individual Season Pass (does not include skate rental) : $125.00   Currently Sold Out!
Family Season Pass (up to 4 people & does not include skate rental) : $250.00

Skate rental and admission will be taken in the Indiana Beverage Activity Center at Central Park Plaza.
Open Skate Times
 Please check the calendar page for actual daily times and specials. 
*After January 8th, open skate will not take place on Tuesday evenings to allow for adult hockey league to play.
Hockey Times
Please note: Helmets now required for ALL hockey skaters. Chin straps are required and must be fastened. 

 Please check the calendar page for actual daily times and specials. 

Holiday Hours